Why Bravo Dumped ‘Married to Medicine Houston’ on Friday Nights—and Why You Need to Be Watching

by TV Deets Team 2

Erika Sato, Monica Patel, Rachel Suliburk, Elly Pourasef, Ashandra Batiste, #Married2Med, Married to Medicine Houston, Married to Medicine, Bravo
The cast of Married to Medicine Houston. Photo: Bravo (TV Deets).

Married to Medicine Houston premiered just two weeks ago on Bravo and while viewers seem to be enjoying the new spinoff show, some are confused as to why the network decided to air the show on Friday nights. Rest easy, #Married2Med fans, because Bravo definitely has a plan to make this show a hit.

While Friday nights typically haven’t been a focus for primetime TV–especially reality TV–that is definitely changing and Bravo wants a piece of the pie. WE tv, for example, airs many of their hit shows on Friday nights like Marriage Boot Camp. While that network doesn’t have any new shows airing tonight according to their schedule, they definitely focus on that night during the summer TV season. Doing so has helped WE tv become known nationally and is turning their reality stars into actual celebrities.

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According to Bravo WhoreMarried to Medicine Houston earned 381,000 total viewers and 0.16 in the adults 18-49 demo for its premiere episode, and 352,000 total viewers and 0.17 in the demo for its second episode. For dedicated Bravo fans, those ratings definitely caused some concern but because the network is working on using this show to launch a new night of programming, the numbers aren’t as bad as you may have initially thought. This is the network’s first attempt at such a plan, so they’re definitely going to wait until the season wraps to make a decision on whether their plan worked and whether the show will be renewed for a second season.

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Ratings aside, you need to be watching #Married2Med Houston. The show stars Ashandra Batiste, Elly Pourasef, Monica Patel, Rachel Suliburk, and Erika Sato and it truly is a group of hardworking, up-and-coming movers and shakers. The first two episodes primarily focused on Rachel getting into it with guest cast member Cindi Rose and after interviewing Ashandra, we’re even more hooked.

Cindi Rose, Elly Pourasef, Pegah Pourasef, Ashandra Batiste, Married to Medicine Houston, Married to Medicine, #Married2Med
Cindi Rose, Elly Pourasef, Pegah Pourasef, and Ashandra Batiste. Photo: Bravo.

It’s time that all Bravo viewers (and everyone else, too) get on board and get watching this young, fresh, and diverse new cast of shady ladies. But Bravo has to do something about this too. It is understandable that there’s a budget, but the cast could appear on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and more promotional shorts could be aired during some of the network’s biggest hits. Heck, the show doesn’t appear on the Bravotv.com homepage as of posting and The Daily Dish has only reported on it once.

With a few simple steps, season 2 would be all but a guarantee and more people would be tuning in.

Married to Medicine Houston airs tonight at 9pm ET on Bravo.