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The New Owners Of ‘Mob Wives’ Want Karen Gravano And MTV To Stop Airing ‘Families Of The Mafia’

The New Owners Of ‘Mob Wives’ Want Karen Gravano And MTV To Stop Airing ‘Families Of The Mafia’

The new owners of the VH1 show Mob Wives want star Karen Gravano and MTV to stop airing their new docuseries, Families of the Mafia.

According to a new report from Page Six, MTV was sent a cease and desist just last week from the owners of the Mob Wives brand. The letter claimed copyright infringement over the network’s new show Families of the Mafia, which Karen executive produced and also stars in.

In a recent interview, the gossip outlet points out that she was actually asked about the comparisons being made between the two shows.

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Karen Gravano (third from left), starred on VH1’s Mob Wives and also stars in the new MTV show Families Of The Mafia. (Photo: VH1)

“ Mob Wives focused on the women,” she said. “This show focuses on the parents raising their kids. It’s a multigenerational show that really comes full circle when you see the struggles the parents come from and wanting the kids to do better and learn from their mistakes.”

Families of the Mafia premiered just this month on MTV and follows three families that are, you guessed it, connected to the mafia. It was filmed in Staten Island and originally faced backlash when a version of it originally aired on the network last year.

The network may have an issue on their hands because despite some of the changes they’ve made to the show, it does sound a lot like the old VH1 show.

Mob Wives aired on VH1 from 2011 – 2016 and followed Karen and her immediate family, as well as multiple other women. As she points out, however, this new show only follows three families and aims to show more of their actual connection to the mafia.

While Karen’s father, the infamous Sammy The Bull, never appeared on Mob Wives, he is appearing on the new MTV show and that may be what has the new owners of the brand upset.

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