‘Southern Charm’ Spinoff Starring Shepard Rose Denied Filming Permit

by TV Deets Team 0

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Bravo is set to air a Southern Charm spinoff, Southern Charm Savannah, in just a few weeks’ time but it’s not the only spinoff in the works. According to a new report, the network wants to make a new show featuring Shepard “Shep” Rose but it was just denied a filming permit by the Isle of Palms’ city council.

Isle of Palms is a city in Charleston County, South Carolina, where the original show is filmed and was supposed to be the setting for the new show. But with city council’s recent decision, filming is now up in the air, reports Moultrie News.

According to the report, the new show was supposed to feature Shep as he tries to find love during the summer vacation season. City council voted 4-4 on the motion about the filming permit, meaning it was denied.

“Saying that it has anything at all to do, in any way shape or form or 1 percent, with Southern Charm makes it a negative as far as I’m concerned,” Council Member Barbara Bergwerf said. “I mean, that’s been a horrible representation of Charleston, and if it fell off the earth and never showed up again in anyone’s Netflix I would be pleased.”

She wasn’t the only one reading the cast for filth. “I can’t say that Southern Charm has really come across well in Charleston,” added Council Member Jimmy Carroll. “And that’s one thing I’m kind of protective of is not to have us become, for lack of a better term, a fiasco of somebody chasing love on the beach and people fighting.”

Josh Halpert, the vice president of the production company behind the new show was in attendance and pleaded with the council to give them the OK. “I can’t stress enough that this is a different kind of show,” he said. “It is not a show that is premised upon people at each other’s throats, back biting, nothing like that. This is a hopeful show.”

“We pride ourselves on being a family-oriented beach,” countered Mayor Dick Cronin. “I’m just concerned about what dating life in your vernacular will mean.”

“We intend to be flies on the wall,” responded Halpert. “We try to be small, we try to be non-existent. We do not want anyone to know that we’re there, let alone cause a disruption.”

For now, the motion has been denied but seeing as the Mayor was one of the people who voted in favour, the show may still have a shot. It’s hilarious to us that cities get so up in arms over a reality TV show when really, there is no way that people take what they see on TV as 100% truth nowadays. This isn’t the only Bravo show that has experienced similar production issues; Summer House also faced off against its local community during production.

Southern Charm airs Mondays on Bravo and Slice.