Shereé Whitfield Reacts to That Shocking ‘RHOA’ Reunion Revelation

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Last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta sure was a doozy. In part 4 of the RHOA reunion, things went way to the left with the revelation that Phaedra Parks was lying about Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker attempting to drug Porsha Williams. The moment — and Phaedra’s subsequent excuses — left the other Housewives shocked and now, Shereé Whitfield is opening up about what she thought of the drama.

At first, Phaedra denied that she had said that about Kandi, with Porsha furiously confronting her and reminding her that just before the reunion, she had confirmed that she had been told that information first-hand from Kandi. As the reunion wore on, it became clear that Phaedra had been lying to Porsha all along and was using her to take down her former friend.

In a recent interview with, Shereé explained that she was absolutely stunned in that moment. “Are you serious? Are you kidding me? Shut up! Girl, what?!” she recounts. “It was jaw-dropping. It’s safe to say we were all shocked, horrified, and completely surprised at the revelation.”

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Shereé goes on to point out that this isn’t just a little shade throwing anymore, but a very serious allegation that could have a big impact on Kandi’s livelihood. “An allegation of that magnitude against someone’s character can completely hurt and tarnish their family, brand, and image,” she says. “The weight of the allegation didn’t sit well with any of us when it was brought up in Hawaii, and it definitely was looming over the entire reunion!”

It’s absolutely stunning that Phaedra believed she would get away with a lie of this magnitude but she was dealing with Porsha here, so part of us thinks she really did believe she would come away clean. After last night’s reunion, we’re not sure the show can move forward with Phaedra being a part of it so it looks like that may have been her final appearance on reality TV.

If we’re Kandi and Porsha, we’d be pretty happy with that right about now.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta will return later this year.