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Shangela Talks ‘Drag Race’: VH1 “Did What They Had To Do” After Catfishing Allegations Against Sherry Pie Surfaced

Shangela Talks ‘Drag Race’: VH1 “Did What They Had To Do” After Catfishing Allegations Against Sherry Pie Surfaced

Shangela opened up about the current season of RuPaul’s Drag Race in a new interview to promote her HBO show We’re Here and made it clear that she believes the network did the right thing after cat fishing allegations against Sherry Pie first surfaced.

“You know, I would just tell you this. I don’t know Sherry Pie. I’m not I’m probably as familiar with the situation as you are. But I will say that Drag Race is a show that’s about, you know, fun,” Shangela responded when asked about the scandal in an interview with E! News.

“And it’s sometimes, for some people, especially during this rough time that we’re all having, you know, where we’re all social distancing and staying in, we need some bright spots in our life,” she continued. “And Drag Race has always been, for me, at least, one of those bright spots. So I think that the network and the producers of the show did what they had to do to maintain the integrity of this show, and keeping it as light and fun and a bright spot as they could.”

As previously reported, Sherry Pie was eliminated from Drag Race after Buzz Feed News published an investigative report outlining shocking cat fishing allegations against the drag queen from multiple men.

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Shangela was asked about the current season of Drag Race in an interview promoting her new HBO show We’re Here and she revealed what she thinks about how VH1 handled the catfishing allegations against Sherry Pie. (Photo: VH1)

VH1 and World of Wonder, the production company behind the show, have taken it upon themselves to place a title card before and after the episodes which explains that Sherry Pie has been eliminated from the competition and will not appear as part of the finale.

The move is shocking because not only is it extremely rare for a television show to be so forthright with a related scandal, but the statement seems to imply that Sherry Pie would have been a part of the finale for this season would it not have been for the cat fishing allegations, adding another layer to this already complicated situation.

We’re Here airs Thursdays on HBO and new episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race air Fridays on VH1.

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