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Rhylee Gerber Takes Credit For The Success Of ‘Below Deck’

Rhylee Gerber has been bringing the drama to Below Deck since producers brought her back midseason.

Below Deck has continued its Bravo reign with season 7 and while some may remain in shock and awe at the show’s success, returning deckhand Rhylee Gerber isn’t one of them.

The show has become undeniably one of Bravo’s biggest franchises and in recent months alone, they have publicly credited Below Deck with the network’s overall ratings success, announced an upcoming new spinoff, and given the cast the special treatment with a blockbuster episode of Watch What Happens Live to celebrate the 100th episode.

During the airing of a January 13 episode, Rhylee and the rest of the cast live-tweeted the episodes and she shared her thoughts on the show’s success and of course, the current drama with the men of the show.

On Captain Lee choosing not to fire her at Ashton’s request:

“Thank you @capthlr for allowing me the opportunity to show my value onboard M/Y Valor,” she posted in one tweet. “I really do feel that your desire to hear @Kate_Chastain opinion and her being in my corner regarding the boys mistreatment of their crew is what saved my position on deck.”

On being the reason for the show’s high ratings:

“Again, pretty sure the DRAMA is what brings the ratings. For that, you are welcome!”, she posted in another tweet.

Lee Rosbach happens to agree with Rhylee — well, at least when it comes to her thoughts on co-star Ashton Pienaar. Captain Lee took to Twitter to discuss the issue with the deckhands this season and made it clear that he’s definitely on Team Rhylee after watching the episode. Or maybe it’s Team Women?

“As I said, I talked and listened to everyone and made my own decision,” he posted. “You are welcome to be sure. The obvious term here is to listen and actually hear. The boys all sang the same song, and it wasn’t an objective viewpoint. I was comfortable with my call. Thanks again.”

While Rhylee is clearly being a bit tongue-in-cheek, she actually may have a point when it comes to the show’s success. Production clearly wanted to shake things up when they decided to invite her back to the show this year and they knew exactly what they were getting with her: entertaining reality TV.

That said, Below Deck has name recognition after this long and if anyone is to take credit for the show’s ongoing success, it should be either Captain Lee or Kate Chastain.

Below Deck airs Mondays on Bravo.

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