‘Real Housewives of Toronto’ Star Roxy Earle Announces New Spinoff Show

by TV Deets Team 3

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The Real Housewives of Toronto may not be returning for a second season but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of the Housewives. According to Roxy Earle herself, the vivacious Housewife is set to star in her own spinoff show, The Life of Luxurious Roxy.

RHOT premiered this past March and although we found season 1 to be absolutely fantastic, Corus Entertainment doesn’t seem to agree. Last week, the company held their annual upfront presentation and as TV Deets previously reported, announced that the show was being placed on “hiatus.”

Since then, the Housewives have been all over social media telling fans that the show has not been cancelled and that further details would be announced this week. It’s now mid-week and the only announcement is coming from Roxy, who says that she has scored her own spinoff show.

“Lola and I are so excited to announce The Life of Luxurious Roxy has commenced filming,” the RHOT star tweeted. Roxy has since taken to social media to like and retweet fan comments about her new show.

Previously, sources close to production told TV Deets exclusively that the Housewives were ready to bring the drama for season 2 and clarified that Roxy had big issues to sort out with her co-star Kara Alloway. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll get to see that play out on TV because “hiatus” is never a positive term and there’s no way Roxy would have Kara participate in her new show.

Not much is known about Roxy’s new show but we have our own thoughts on the situation. From where we stand, there’s little chance that her show has actually been greenlit and we have a sneaking suspicion that she is just gearing up to film a pilot. She certainly has the money to do so and once a pilot is filmed, she could then shop the show to networks. If she does land on our TV screens with this new show, however, we’ll definitely watch as we think there’s more to Roxy than what we saw on RHOT.

We’ll have to wait and see.

The Real Housewives of Toronto aired on Slice.