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Police Report Reveals Jules Wainstein’s Ex-Husband Allegedly Recorded Her Punching Him In The Face

Police Report Reveals Jules Wainstein’s Ex-Husband Allegedly Recorded Her Punching Him In The Face

A police report has been uncovered in the arrest of former Real Housewives of New York City star Jules Wainstein and additional details have revealed that her ex-husband allegedly recorded the entire confrontation.

As previously reported, the former RHONY was arrested in Florida recently after allegedly attacking her husband while the two were involved in a custody exchange.

According to Radar Online, the situation may have been worse than initially reported. They uncovered the police report itself and in it, Michael Wainstein says that all hell broke loose as the two were meeting up at a Publix parking lot to exchange their young children.

Michael immediately began recording as soon as Jules arrived, according to the report, because he had felt “threatened” from previous conversations with his ex.

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The police report in Jules Wainstein’s arrest states that her husband Michael had been feeling threatened in recent weeks. (Photo: Bravo)

In the video, she allegedly grabs a baseball bat from her vehicle and places it on the ground. While Michael makes it clear that she never used it to attack him, he does say that she then came at him in an attempt to grab his phone. In the process, she allegedly punched him in the face and left him with scratches.

The report also reveals that Jules admitted to the attack, telling the officer “I was angry” and “I smacked him.”

As previously reported, the children witnessed the entire altercation and the report points out that it was their son Rio’s birthday. Jules has been arrested for domestic battery and is scheduled to be in court on March 16.

This entire situation is absolutely awful and if this is true, the former RHONY star needs some serious help.

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