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Nene Leakes Refuses To Comment On Wendy Williams Feud After Talk Show Host Accuses ‘RHOA’ Star Of Releasing A Rap Song To “Stay Relevant”

Nene Leakes Refuses To Comment On Wendy Williams Feud After Talk Show Host Accuses ‘RHOA’ Star Of Releasing A Rap Song To “Stay Relevant”

It looks like any friendship between RHOA star Nene Leakes and talk show host Wendy Williams is now over.

The quarantines being imposed across the U.S. have some celebrities losing their minds, and it looks like Nene and Wendy are no different. After Wendy reportedly slammed Nene’s attempt at a rap career on her talk show Monday, Nene took to Instagram Live late yesterday to reveal that there are issues between them but that she will not be making them public.

“I’d love to do a Q&A with you guys but if you’re going to ask me anything about Wendy please refrain from doing so. I will not answer any questions concerning Wendy,” she said according to Hollywood Life. She apparently repeated herself three times that “I will not answer any questions concerning Wendy. I am not that kind of friend and have never been that kind of friend despite what you might think. Any questions I have I will direct to her. I wish she could have done the same.”

She added, “I will not hash out a friendship via social media.”

Wendy Williams Shades Nene’s Rap Career

The drama comes following a Monday episode of Wendy’s talk show, where she not only slammed her friend’s burgeoning rap career but also revealed that she believes the RHOA star recently ambushed her by having her appear on camera via phone call without telling her first.

“NeNe is now singing-rapping and I’m here for it. NeNe is so good,” Wendy commented about Nene’s upcoming rap song. “It’s called ‘Come and Get This Honey,’ which to me the hook is everything. How does the hook go again? I can’t remember it. All I know is it’s good. And why not do it.

“Those Housewives have to do something to stay relevant,” she continued.

Then, she claimed that Nene called her up on Friday, April 3 and seemed to be yelling over the phone. When asked why she was being so loud, Nene responded that “I’m here with all my people. Everybody tell Wendy ‘Hi’.”

Wendy then realized she was being filmed by the RHOA crew without her permission, and things went left.

“If I don’t do it with my own parents or the show, why would I do it with someone over there? I like NeNe, but she’s still an over there person to me. And I felt here’s where the ambush came in,” she said.”

Friendship Over

She then claimed that Nene told her they were filming the show and that she wanted Wendy to be on speaker phone. After refusing to do so, she hung up the phone and Nene reportedly never called her back to apologize.

This story is all over the place and considering it is coming from Nene and Wendy, we’re not surprised. If the show is still in production, that means that we’re in for a rough final group of episodes because there would be no reason to be filming pick up scenes this late in production unless something was missing from the footage that had already been shot. For some reason, watching the Housewives in quarantine and calling people on FaceTime just doesn’t seem that entertaining.

Wendy Williams not only appeared on RHOA this season, but she constantly talks about the Housewives on her “Hot Topics” segment. (Photo: Getty)

Plus, seeing as Wendy already appeared on this season of RHOA via FaceTime, we’re kind of confused as to why a second phone call is all that big of a deal.

The Housewives franchise is a huge platform and although Wendy likes to think she is big in entertainment, she uses the franchise for publicity and conversation constantly, so she shouldn’t be all that upset that she’s been caught up in the drama along the way.

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