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Nene Leakes May Not Return For ‘RHOA’ Season 13 Over Fight With Kenya Moore

Nene Leakes May Not Return For ‘RHOA’ Season 13 Over Fight With Kenya Moore

Nene Leakes is continuing to fuel rumours that she is considering leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta after the current season wraps and Kenya Moore may be to blame if Nene herself is to be believed.

In an appearance on The Talk on February 19, Nene continued to play coy about leaving, telling the hosts that she is “very undecided” about returning.

“Every season when the show ends, what me and my team do is we get together and we talk about what’s best for me,” she told the hosts, according to a report from Us Weekly. “So hopefully Real Housewives is best for me. I don’t know.”

WATCH: Nene Leakes May Not Return To ‘RHOA’ Season 13 Over Fight With Kenya Moore

Calling Out Kenya Moore

During the chat, she even took the opportunity to shade Kenya Moore, implying that her nemesis on the show may be part of the reason why she may not come back for another season. “I mean, the show is still going on, and I have to finish watching the last episodes to make sure that nasty girl is staying in her place and not saying things that she shouldn’t be saying,” she joked. “That nasty girl!”

“As far as coming back, I feel like this show is my baby. I started this show,” she continued. “But I also feel like I don’t want to be in a group where I feel like everybody is attacking and being very malicious. … I have it on my Instagram: ‘I like to talk a lot of trash but I have a heart of gold.’ I do, I do.”

Bold Casting Changes

Unfortunately for Nene, whether she has a point or not is irrelevant and deciding whether to return to RHOA may not actually be up to her.

As fans of the franchise are now aware, Bravo is in the process of making some structural changes to The Real Housewives and is reportedly slashing salaries as part of the process, which is why a lot of our longtime favorites all left within the same year.

While she may have played this card in previous negotiations, the network seems serious about their new strategy and if we were Nene, we would be considering whether walking away from a successful TV show is really the best business move.

Bravo, for their part, seem eager to change direction in 2020 and are no longer afraid to make the bold casting changes fans have accused them of avoiding in the past.

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