Masika Kalysha Calls Out Her ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Co-Stars

by TV Deets Team 0

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Masika Kalysha isn’t here to play, at least with her co-stars on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Despite VH1 having already released a teaser for the new season and a July premiere date set in stone, the LHHH cast is still filming for the new season and just this week, Masika took to social media to call out her co-stars for what she sees as being fake for the cameras.

Season 4 of LHHH will feature a bit of a cast shake up, including the return of Masika’s nemesis Hazel-E. Singer Keyshia Cole is also joining the cast and we’ll be saying goodbye to a few of last year’s new additions, too. While Masika is level-headed most of the time, Hazel’s return must just be too much for her so it’s not shocking to see her reacting the way she is.

Masika had just returned from filming on the night of June 22, 2017, and she revealed on Twitter that her co-stars were doing the most in front of the cameras. “Fame is a hella of a drug,” she posted. “These motha f*ckas will do ANYTHING to get on. As soon as that camera turn on & they got security’s protection…”

She continued to call them out, claiming that she was being attacked as part of manufactured drama.  “Bitches neeeeeed me for a story line,” she tweeted, later posting the hashtag #season1bitches as reference to Hazel — and anyone else that is coming for her.

At the end of the day, Masika is right. From where we sit, Hazel was always coming for her and it sounds like this scene involved new cast members, which is even worse. This is the messiness that makes us fall in love with LHHH.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood returns July 24th at 9pm on VH1.