‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ Drama: Rah Ali Confirms That She’s No Longer Friendly With Remy Ma

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There’s no shortage of drama when it comes to the cast of Love & Hip Hop New York but this time the mess happens to involve superstar Nicki Minaj. Rah Ali and Remy Ma were depicted as the best of friends on previous seasons of LHHNY but in an open letter to fans, Rah explains why they are no longer friendly and what exactly Nicki has to do with the situation.

During season 6 of LHHNYRemy was busy planning her wedding to Papoose and had been using Rah as her wedding planner. But during episode 9, things fell apart when Remy chose to ditch Rah for someone new. Ever since, things haven’t been the same.

In an open letter to gossip site Baller Alert, Rah confirms that what we saw on the show was completely real and that her friendship with Remy really is over. But despite various reports, Nicki has nothing to do with the two falling out, as Rah claims to have been close friends with the rapper for years — before her legendary feud with Remy.

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We always liked watching Rah and Remy together and it was actually pretty upsetting when they had a falling out. We’re never sure what to believe when it comes to Love & Hip Hop New York, though, so we’re a bit shocked to find out that what we saw on TV actually was somewhat real.

Regardless of who was in the wrong or if Nicki had anything to do with the drama, Rah seems to be taking the high road through this letter and it’s interesting that while she had the opportunity to absolutely destroy Remy, she didn’t. Well done, Rah!

Cue Remy’s response in 3, 2, 1…

Love & Hip Hop New York will return later this year.