Lisa Oldfield Basically Confirms She’s Been Fired From ‘The Real Housewives of Sydney’

by TV Deets Team 2

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The Real Housewives of Sydney is being overhauled for season 2 and in a new interview, Lisa Oldfield basically confirmed rumours that she has been fired from the show for her arguably bad behaviour.

Lisa and Athena X Levendi caught quite the amount of heat for their appearances on RHOS’ first season but things got so out of hand at the show’s reunion taping that Foxtel has decided to reboot the showif it is to return — ahead of season 2. Lisa and Athena X are now facing the chopping block for how they have been received, while Krissy Marsh, Victoria Rees, Matty Samaei, and Melissa Tkautz seem to be getting away scot free.

Lisa has confirmed in a new interview with The Daily Telegraph that she’s swearing off of alcohol after increasing her intake because of the stress of filming and promoting the show.

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“I’ve never drank spirits but the first time I went out with The Real Housewives of Sydney as a group, I went home and poured myself a triple scotch,” she told Confidential. “The fact I was having to hang out with the basic bitches [on Housewives], you cannot reason with these women, you can’t argue with stupid so I would come home frustrated that these women are so malevolent.”

“I’m a little bit dependent on alcohol,” she confessed. “I call myself a wine witch when I’ve had too much to drink and my problem is I can go without drinking, but I can’t stop at one or two. I’ll open a bottle of wine, I’ll finish the bottle and that’s not good.”

In the same interview, Lisa basically confirmed rumours that she’s out at RHOS. “[Producers need to] get rid of some of the dead wood [first],” she joked. “Some of those women and I can’t be in the same room together. I don’t think Athena could come back either after women had been so cruel to her.”

The Real Housewives of Sydney may return next year.

  • twifan2

    Rumor is that she & hubby MIGHT be getting their own show.
    Heaven help us! 😀

  • mytwocents

    Just saw the season. Lisa is just nasty and Athena ruined the entire series. Athena made a scene every single week, and she would almost never allow anyone else to speak. I think the show would have been great without those two. I wish Athena allowed us to get to know the other women better, but she made it completely imposible.