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Lala Kent Apologizes For Joking She Wanted To Catch Coronavirus For Publicity

Lala Kent Apologizes For Joking She Wanted To Catch Coronavirus For Publicity

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has apologized for an inappropriate Instagram Story post that appeared to downplay the Coronavirus outbreak.

“Let me be clear,” she posted in a recent Story after receiving backlash for her previous posts on the topic. “I am well aware of the severity of what’s going on. And to keep from losing my fucking mind, I have to Larry David the shit out of this situation.”

“If you were offended by my story, my bad. To keep out of the darkness of it all I have to make light. So, stay in, try to laugh, and wash your hands a lot,” she continued. “Stay healthy, y’all.”

Lala Kent took to Instagram Story once again to apologize for her previous comments. (Photo: Instagram)

As Page Six previously reported, Lala caught heat from her followers after joking about the coronavirus outbreak. According to their report, she joked about wanting to get the disease for publicity.

“So, I may get in trouble for this but it’s okay,” she said on her Story, according to Page Six. “I just don’t feel that God would give me coronavirus before I get married. I just don’t see that happening to me. Let’s just say I do get it before my wedding. I feel like that means that God is like, ‘Bitch. You need a little publicity.’ That’s the only way I would get it I feel.”

Another scandal surrounding the show is probably the last thing Bravo would want, so we’re sure this “apology” was prompted by the network.

As previously reported, some fans are extremely upset with the network for employing Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens after it was discovered they had made racist statements on their social media.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

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