Kristen Doute Slams Tom Sandoval for Trashing Stassi Schroeder’s Brother

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Just when you thought the cast of Vanderpump Rules couldn’t sink any lower, they find a way to do just that. This past week, Tom Sandoval appeared on the Pump Rules podcast and according to listeners, he slammed Stassi Schroeder’s brother for the comments he made at the reunion. Seeing as Stassi’s brother is a child, this has both the cast and viewers up in arms, with Kristen Doute leading the charge against her ex-boyfriend.

On the Pump Rules reunion, Nikolai Schroeder made some very articulate (and spot on!) comments about the cast but Tom, for one, isn’t taking too well to his comments about Ariana Madix, in particular. On the podcast, Tom made some pretty inappropriate comments about Nikolai, even threatening physical violence.

According to our friend @LoveAndyC on Twitter, Tom was the one that brought up Nikolai to hosts of the podcast, meaning he really wanted listeners to hear his opinion. Thankfully for us, @LoveAndyC has documented a few of the comments Tom made on the podcast:

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Pump Rules viewers immediately began tweeting the cast, alerting them to Tom’s dumb comments and Kristen is now furious on behalf of Nikolai. “Hey Sandoval..,” she tweeted. “True colors showing saying you want to ‘drop kick’ a 12 year old for ‘talking shit’ about your girlfriend.”

Stassi, for her part, is also disgusted with Tom’s attack on her brother. “Please tell me this is not real,” she tweeted in response to a fan.

This is perhaps one of the most idiotic moves Tom could have made and we really hope that both Bravo and Evolution Media (the production company behind Pump Rules) talk to him about his comments. Nikolai is a child and was brought onto the show to bring some lightness and levity and for Tom to slam him like this is completely ridiculous. Tom is an adult — he’s 33-years-old, folks —  and there’s no excuse for him talking about a child like this.

Tom, get it together — or get off the show.

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