Kandi Burruss Given the Green Light to Countersue Former Employee Over ‘RHOA’ Appearance

by TV Deets Team 0

Kandi Burruss, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, RHOA, Phaedra Parks, Johnnie Winston

Kandi Burruss has been given the green light to countersue her former employee over his appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta with none other than attorney Phaedra Parks.

As TV Deets has previously reportedJohnnie Winston sued Kandi last year, claiming that he had been underpaid for overtime work, among other ridiculous accusations. Johnnie appeared on this season of RHOA with Phaedra as his legal pitbull, just a victim of her strategic takedown of her former friend.

The Jasmine Brand is now reporting that Kandi has been given approval by the judge overseeing the case to countersue Johnnie. Kandi has claimed that he only brought these allegations forward to get his 15 minutes of fame on RHOA. Per the legal documents, Kandi is suing Johnnie for “statements that Plaintiff made on two episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta, which aired on January 8, 2017 and March 27, 2017, about Defendants stealing his ideas for a restaurant and a play.”

The judge noted that Kandi has more than enough proof that his comments may have damaged her reputation — which is why he’s allowing her lawsuit to continue — and she is now permitted to go after him for damages.

This isn’t looking good for Johnnie. It’s clear that he was being used by Phaedra but now that she’s out of the picture, we can’t believe he’s actually moving forward with this suit. Say what you will about Kandi, but we just don’t see her as the person to not have her business in line. She has numerous businesses, from her new restaurant to her Bedroom Kandi line, and it just doesn’t make sense that she would have a labour issue like the one Johnnie is trying to claim.

Good luck, Kandi. You got this, girl!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta will return later this year.