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Jax Taylor Faces Backlash For Implying Celebrities Should Stop Talking About Climate Change

This isn’t the first time Jax Taylor has said something embarrassing.

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor is defending himself after implying that celebrities should not have been talking about climate change at the recent Golden Globe awards.

Jax took to his Twitter page to complain about the awards show and presumably, celebrities talking about climate change. It should be mentioned that this is only a topic due to the absolute devastation that is wrecking Australia, but let us put that aside for a minute.

“Enough with the politics please,” he tweeted. “Can we just watch an award show for once and enjoy it with out the constant reminder. Such a damper on a beautiful show.” He added the hashtag #goldenglobes to his tweet.

Jax ended up arguing with a few of his followers, pointing out that he didn’t think that people watching an award show would change their minds after hearing what “some actor says.”

“You have 365 days to figure that out,” he tweeted in response to someone who said that the award shows are a “great way to raise awareness & for celebrities to use their platforms for good.”

“Can we just enjoy the show for once and celebrate the art of acting and the talent?” he asked. “That’s all I am asking. Intelligent People are not gonna change there [sic] mind because some actor says they should in my opinion. Wish I was wrong.”

He may have denied that his original comments were about climate change but that is hard to believe considering he tweeted his comments right around the time climate change was being mentioned. Interesting.

Vanderpump Rules returns for season 8 tonight on Bravo.


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