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“It’s Part Of The Show”: Denise Richards Reveals How She Feels About Being The Target On ‘RHOBH’ Season 10

“It’s Part Of The Show”: Denise Richards Reveals How She Feels About Being The Target On RHOBH Season 10

Denise Richards opened up in a new interview about how she feels about season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and to say she is being “real” about the situation would be an understatement.

RHOBH season 10 premiered just last night on Bravo and the network shocked viewers in the final minutes of the episode by implying that Denise has actually quit the show due to this season’s drama.

“This is the 10th season and a lot of times it’s someone’s turn to maybe be the target a little bit, and I think this season I was a little bit and that’s OK,” she responded, when asked by the LA Times in a feature story about how the Housewives are dealing during the coronavirus.

“It’s part of the show. It’s a reality show,” she continued. “But I think people just watch it and have fun with it. It’s entertainment. We’re all home dealing with all this stuff. There’s a lot of things going on in the world. And if we can bring any light, especially now with what’s going on, then that’s so amazing.”

WATCH: “It’s Part Of The Show”: Denise Richards Reveals How She Feels About Being The Target On RHOBH Season 10

As previously reported, Brandi Glanville is back in Beverly Hills this season and is causing drama amongst the women which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

According to various reports, Brandi allegedly reveals to the other Housewives on camera that she had a sexual relationship with Denise. The only problem? Richards’ husband, Aaron Phyphers, may not have been aware of their fling despite he and Denise supposedly having an open marriage.

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Denise Richards (second from left), is finally opening up about being the target of her co-stars on RHOBH season 10. (Photo: Bravo)

While this sounds like a mouthful, that’s because it is. Hopefully, the season actually provides some clarity as to why exactly the women are involved in Denise’s marriage.

The RHOBH season 10 premiere seemed to allude to exactly that with the final minute montage and it seems to have captivated the fanbase at an opportune time. A quick look at the hashtag on social media and you’ll find that most viewers seemed to be impressed both with the premiere and Denise’s performance.

Denise is about as real as it gets on this franchise and tackling these salacious rumors about her in front of cameras had to have been difficult. Luckily for viewers, she is very entertaining to watch and isn’t afraid to give it right back, so it looks like longtime fans are in for some much-needed fireworks.

We know we’ll be watching.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays on Bravo and Slice.

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