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Gage Edward Accuses Jeff Lewis Of Using Their Custody Battle For Attention

Gage Edward Accuses Jeff Lewis Of Using Their Custody Battle For Attention

Gage Edward is accusing Jeff Lewis of using their custody battle over their young daughter for attention.

The Flipping Out stars have had quite the past year, going back and forth with each other about their breakup, daughter, and just about everything, in the press. While Gage has remained tight-lipped up until now, Jeff has been blasting his former ex on his radio show and finally, he seems to have generated a response.

The recent drama, according to a report from PEOPLE, surrounds the terms of their custody agreement together. On a January 17 episode of his SiriusXM radio show, Jeff made it clear that he would be going after Gage for full custody.

“I’m going to fight this to the bitter f—ing end,” he said, according to the report. “If I felt like the motivation was pure and this was about our daughter, then I’d be very open to mediation or whatever. But because I really believe that this is serving [Edward’s] best interest, I will fight it. If we have to go to court, we go to court.”

Gage responded to Jeff’s comments on the radio, making it clear that he isn’t here for the constant drama surrounding their breakup. “I will continue to stay silent on the issues related to our private custody case. To address the derogatory and slanderous statements being made about me would be putting my interest above our daughter’s,” he said.

“The situation is being exploited for attention, which is sad because that ultimately only affects our daughter later,” he continued. “What I will say is that there are gross mistruths in the majority of what’s been said.”

Hopefully, Jeff is able to soon put his ego aside so that these two can truly come to some sort of resolution. While Gage may not be innocent, sharing the intimate details of your relationship daily on the radio can’t be helpful to any relationship or conflict.

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