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Deborah Williams Files Counterclaim Against ‘Villain’ Keiarna Stewart In $10 Million ‘RHOP’ Lawsuit (EXCLUSIVE Details)

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Deborah Williams has filed a counter claim against Keiarna Stewart in their ongoing (and very shocking) $10 million RHOP lawsuit, TV Deets has learned.

According to court documents filed with the DC Superior Court earlier this week, Deborah is denying all charges and painting Keiarna as the true villain. “It is obvious that Counter-Defendant Ms. Keiarna Stewart craves fame. She craves attention. So much so that she is willing to do just about anything to have her name broadcast on television and across social media,” reads the court filing, obtained EXCLUSIVELY by TV Deets. “This includes instigating a fight, having that fight recorded, then sending the video of the fight to TMZ for it to be viewed on TV all over the world.”

In the counter complaint, Deborah alleges that Keiarna “orchestrated” the events outlined in the original assault and battery complaint. “In the reality drama she has brought before the Court, Ms. Stewart is a not the victim; in fact, she’s the villain,” the court docs read. “In the true story, Ms. Stewart is not the protagonist – she’s the antagonist. The facts will show that Ms. Stewart, with her insatiable desire to be known, orchestrated all the events outlined in her own Complaint and in this Counter complaint. And in the end, the Court will see, indeed, the country will see, that Ms. Williams is the innocent party who has been severely damaged by Ms. Stewart.”

Keiarna Stewart (right) is suing Deborah Williams in civil court over their fight featured on Season 8 of Bravo’s RHOP. (Photo: Bravo)

Like the original complaint, Candiace Dillard Bassett and Ashley Darby are mentioned because of their involvement in the shocking fight which ended up airing as part of Season 8 of Bravo’s RHOP. According to the document, Deborah ended up making guest appearances on the show after Ashley reached out to her and asked her to appear. “Ms. Williams agreed to appear on the show for one reason only — to support her friend, Ashley Darby,” reads the paperwork filed by Deborah’s attorneys.

According to Deborah’s version of events, Candiace was taunting her on the night of Ashley and Gizelle Bryant’s gNa launch. Like Keiarna’s original complaint, Deborah confirms that Candiace was exchanging words with her the entire night before the fight erupted. “Throughout this event, Ms. Bassett’s verbal attacks were exceptionally vicious towards Ms. Williams,” reads Deborah’s counterclaim. “The name calling and instigation was abnormally excessive—seemingly intentionally provocative.”

Deborah is alleging that after exchanging words, Candiace picked up a bottle of champagne “as if to throw it at” her and at the same time, Keiarna escalated her defense of Candiace, punching Deborah “square in the face.” According to the counter claim, Deborah had never met Keiarna before the night in question and doesn’t understand her involvement in the first place.

Interestingly enough, Deborah’s attorneys are also accusing the parties involved of staging the entire incident, pointing out that while Bravo cameras were reportedly down at the time of the incident, someone at the party was able to record the entire fight and leak it to TMZ. That said, she has seemingly not outed the person she feels may be responsible for setting up the fight… yet.

While Keiarna is seeking a shocking $10 million in the case, Deborah is being slightly more reasonable with her counter claim. According to the docs, the RHOP guest star is looking for $3 million “plus punitive damages, plus interest and costs for the assault and battery” in response to Count 1, assault and battery. When it comes to Count 2, intentional infliction of emotional distress, Deborah is seeking a judgement in the amount of $3 million dollars “plus fees” but is also looking for $1 million “and costs” for defamation, totalling a cool $7 million, give or take.

Keiarna Stewart Sues Deborah Williams For Assault & Battery Over RHOP Season 8 Fight

As previously reported on, Keiarna Stewart has filed a $10 million civil lawsuit against Deborah Williams over their fight featured on Season 8 of Bravo’s RHOP.

While Deborah Williams—who was introduced to Real Housewives of Potomac viewers as a friend of Ashley Darby—will not be featured on RHOP Season 9, Keairna Stewart is returning as an official Friend of the Housewives and this lawsuit drama is expected to play out on the Bravo show when it returns later this year.

As previously reported on TVDeets.comThe Real Housewives of Potomac is currently in production on Season 9 with Karen Huger, Wendy Osefo, Ashley Darby, Gizelle Bryant and Mia Thornton returning as full-time Housewives. They will be joined by new full-time Housewives Stacey Rusch and Jassi Rideaux, with Keairna Stewart and Jacqueline Blake in Friend of the Housewives roles.

TV Deets is THE source for all things RHOP — In addition to being first to reveal Nneka’s casting, I was also first to expose the destination for the cast trip, first to introduce you to Keiarna, first to reveal the friends of the show were brawling, and now, first to share the RHOP Season 9 cast— so be sure to keep it locked on and my social for all of the latest deets.

Read Deborah Williams’ counterclaim against Keiarna Stewart in its entirety, below.

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