Exclusive: Magali Gorre Breaks Down This Season of ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’ and Offers Advice to ‘The Real Housewives of Toronto’

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Magali Gorre may have stepped back from The Real Housewives of Cheshire after season 2 but she has maintained her connection to the show since and always has a unique perspective on the drama. We thought we’d touch base with the Cheshire gangster for her take on the latest RHOCheshire drama and to get her advice for our own Housewives, The Real Housewives of Toronto.

Hi Magali! So nice to be touching base with you. You are one of the most well known Housewives in the UK so we wanted to get your take on our very own Housewives, The Real Housewives of Toronto. Are you familiar with RHOT?
Magali: Yes, I have heard of RHOT. I have a family member that just came back from Toronto; it actually reminded me of Holland… It’s clean, cosmopolitan and cool – full of culture.

This is the first season of the show and already, a troublemaker has surfaced in Kara Alloway. She seems to have a lot of rules about how the other Housewives should act in a social setting. You’re apart of Cheshire society; Are there etiquette rules in Cheshire, too?
Magali: Well there are people that think like Kara, but it’s 2017. If you are educated, have manners and respect then you can live in any trendy city or suburb. If you obsess about living too much by the book, then you don’t enjoy life!

Kara seems to have a hard time allowing new Housewives into her circle. The RHOCheshire cast (well, some of them, at least) didn’t exactly give you a warm welcome, either. What is your tip to any of the Housewives who might be on the ‘outside’ of the circle?
Magali: I knew who I was and I knew there was nothing wrong with me, there was something wrong with THEM! You have to look inwards and keep being honest about who you are, but you should also know to say sorry if you were in the wrong. In the end, though, you will be OK… You can’t please everybody.

Roxy Earle is earning a lot of great coverage here in Canada for her positive body image and you two have interacted on social media about RHOT. What do you think about Roxy, and are you happy to see women of all sizes now being represented on The Real Housewives?
Magali: Roxy will change perception of body image, this is fantastic! I have to say that I L-O-V-E it. I’m sick of all the stick-thin nasty people who think they are better than those who maybe have a fuller figure. I’m not a size 10 and I’m fine with that too.

On a recent episode, Roxy was shocked when she was invited to a boutique shopping experience at Kara’s house, but none of the fashions were suited for bigger girls. What would you tell Roxy about that experience? Do you think The Real Housewives needs to do more as a franchise to support women of all shapes and sizes?
Magali: Firstly, yes they should support women of all shapes and sizes, especially seeing as most of them are! Women with curves are happier anyway because they eat. It’s not natural to starve yourself for a slimmer size. Work with what you’ve got; Some people are naturally slim or naturally full-figured. Sadly, fashion generally thinks ‘skinny’.

Another point of contention on this season of The Real Housewives of Toronto surrounds drinking and when Housewives are having too much fun. What are your tips around drinking etiquette? Should a Real Housewife save that for at home?
Magali: TV wise, it makes great TV because you loosen up, you forget [about] the cameras and you probably say things you shouldn’t. They say the truth always comes out when you’re drunk! Personally, I don’t need to be drunk to have a good time or to be honest or more confident. I think you should always keep it classy and behave as an adult.

Let’s briefly touch on RHOCheshire. This season, Dawn Ward and Leanne Brown’s friendship has completely unraveled. Any comment on this season’s ridiculous drama? It seems like most of the show’s authenticity left when you did.
Magali: Unfortunately, when I was on the show I never got a chance [to appear at a] reunion, where I could truly voice my opinions! However, this season is a new level or ridiculous and I have had a lot to say about it all. I’m very opinionated, anyways! If people want to see more of my thoughts, subscribe to my YouTube channel, Magali’s World.

It’s always nice to connect with Magali and although she’s moved on from the drama, it’s great to get her thoughts on both RHOCheshire and RHOT. Make sure you visit her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire airs tonight at 10pm on ITVBe. The Real Housewives of Toronto airs Tuesdays at 10pm ET on Bravo and Slice.