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Everything You Need To Know About ‘Summer House’ Season 5

TV Deets has previewed the upcoming premiere.

Summer House is set to return to Bravo with Season 5 this Thursday, February 4 and if the trailer was any indication, fans are in for a summer like never before.

One of Bravo’s most underrated shows, the premise of Summer House is simple: Good-looking twenty and thirty-something New Yorkers are placed in a house together to eat, sleep, and party. In past seasons, the show has primarily followed the cast on the weekends only but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire cast will be spending each and every day together as they balance their day jobs with their reality TV job.

The team at TV Deets have been lucky enough to preview the new season (thanks Bravo!) and whether you’ve been a longtime viewer of the show or not, the premiere is not one to be missed.

Here is everything you need to know about the Summer House Season 5 premiere:

Think Big Brother meets The Real World meets Vanderpump Rules.

Because of the new production format, viewers will be given an even closer look at the cast. Cameras and microphones are everywhere — including the bathrooms! — meaning the cast literally has nowhere to go for the entire month-long filming. As a result, the drama kicks up pretty much within the first 10 minutes of the premiere.

This season, Bravo has also secured a new house for the series, one that is much bigger and much more modern than past seasons. It isn’t surprising that a new house is featured this season considering the previous house was listed for lease right around the time production on Season 5 resumed.

Jeff Tan / Bravo

Carl, Carl, and more Carl.

Carl Radke has been one of the series most infamous playboys but this season, viewers will see an all-new Carl. The season picks up with Carl having been sober for months — and looking hotter than ever — after beginning that journey last season. It should come as no surprise that Paige DeSorbo, who previously dated Carl, seems to be into him once again despite having a live-in boyfriend at the beginning of filming.

No shortage of drama.

Summer House is known for bringing the theatrics but things are taken to a whole new level in the Season 5 premiere and it all has to do with, you guessed it, Luke Gulbranson. Last season, Luke and Hannah Berner were involved in a confusing on-and-off relationship and this season, things aren’t any easier to understand.

Jeff Tan / Bravo

“I’m not a girls’ girl.”

Viewers will also be introduced to Ciara Miller this season and while we don’t want to give away any spoilers, let’s just say that her introduction to the group is one for the books. Love her or hate her, this newbie is here to forge her own path amongst the roommates — and she doesn’t waste any time doing so.

Ciara Miller, Luke Gulbranson, Paige DeSorbo, Danielle Olivera, Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Hannah Berner, Kyle Cooke, and Amanda Batula star in the series, which is produced by True Entertainment and Left Hook Media.

Summer House Season 5 premieres this Thursday, February 4 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo. For more on the series, be sure to visit

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