Evelyn Lozada Denies She Blocked Jennifer Williams From Returning to ‘Basketball Wives’

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Basketball Wives premieres a brand new season tonight and with Evelyn Lozada returning to the show, it seems that all hell has broken loose. Evelyn and Jennifer Williams used to be the best of friends when they starred on the show before it moved locations to Los Angeles but now, things are a little different between the two. However, in a new interview, Evelyn confirms that while they are in fact at odds, she didn’t block Jennifer from returning to the show.

“Yeah, let’s clear that up right now,” Evelyn tells Hip Hollywood. “She knows the truth.”

This year, rumours surfaced that Jennifer was returning to Basketball Wives amid a big cast shake up but now that season 6 is about to premiere, she’s nowhere to be found. But, Evelyn isn’t pleased that the blame is being placed on her. “What happened was one of the producers called me after Tami [Roman’s] event — she had this event on the show — and one of the producers called me and was like ‘Jennifer and Tami are having a conversation, how do you feel about that?’ They were kind of just feeling me out,” she explains.

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“My response to him was this: When her mother passed away, I ended up texting her and reached out to her — and she responded — but in that conversation, I said that maybe one day we can have dinner and she never responded to that,” continues Evelyn. “Which is fine. I just wanted to let her know that ‘Look, I’m in a different place.'”

While Jennifer did in fact film one or two scenes for the new season, it doesn’t look like cameras caught her with Evelyn at all during production. “My thing with the producer was ‘This was someone that I was really friends with for a really, really long time, and I’m not going to talk about our relationship on the show’ because out of the show, I reached out to her,” she says. “You know, privately. I don’t want to do stuff on the show. And that’s what it was.”

Check out the interview with Evelyn, below:

While Evelyn’s explanation of events sounds believable in theory, something just isn’t adding up. The question was pretty straight forward — Did you have anything to do with Jennifer being blocked from returning to the show? — and instead of giving a clear answer, Evelyn went into a pretty specific story. While we want to believe she had nothing to do with limiting Jennifer’s chances at a return, we can’t help but believe there’s more to the story here.

Basketball Wives premieres tonight at 9pm ET on VH1.