Erika Girardi Confirms She’s Made Up With Dorit Kemsley

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Erika Girardi. Photo: Bravo.

Erika Girardi and Dorit Kemsley haven’t had the best time together on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but according to Erika herself, the two are doing better following the dramatic RHOBH season 7 reunion taping.

In a recent interviewDorit herself teased that she and Erika were in a “good place” following their confrontation on this past week’s episode while the cast vacationed in Hong Kong. “Are we in a good place? Yes,” she said about the reunion taping. “But I think that it’s probably going to take a bit of time and certainly some time together. So I think if we do another season we’ll kind of see that unfold.”

Erika confirms Dorit’s comments in a chat with TooFab and says that things are heading in the right direction. “That’s right, she’s right,” she tells the outlet. “100 percent. I’m not going to give away the show, but we are definitely in a better place. She’s absolutely correct.”

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When asked about #PantyGate, Erika shares that it was a big issue between the two but that it has since been addressed once and for all. “Well, a lot of time has passed since #PantyGate, and I think she realizes exactly what I said, which was the more you talk about shit, the worse it gets,” explains Erika. “And she understands that things tend to have a life of their own and they’re constantly repeated, and while it was a joke, I was the brunt of the joke, and then they wouldn’t let the joke go, so that’s really where the issue is with that. I can take a joke, believe me, but when people choose to keep that alive and choose to make it something over and over again, that’s no longer a joke.”

“I would definitely say we’ve come a long way since then,” she continues. “I think that Dorit has learned a lot through her first season. I think that she’s figured it out. It’s tough when you come in and you’re new and you navigate this whole group and you navigate being on television. It’s definitely difficult, and I said that to her at the end, and we left at a different place than we were months ago, and that’s a positive step in the right direction.”

While we haven’t always been the biggest fans of Erika, we really do appreciate her attitude towards Dorit following the Hong Kong episode of RHOBH. The confrontation on the boat caught Dorit off guard and honestly, we don’t think she has any ill-intent towards Erika. All things lead back to Lisa Vanderpump, however, as we have a funny feeling that Erika’s issue with Dorit stems from the newbie’s close relationship with Vanderpump.

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