Dawn Ward Can’t Get Along With Anyone — On or Off of ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’

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Dawn Ward, The Real Housewives of Cheshire, RHOCheshire, Nadine Ferguson
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Dawn Ward doesn’t seem to make many friends on or off of The Real Housewives of Cheshire. This season, Dawn is feuding with former best friend and ally Leanne Brown but it was recently reported that she is now fighting with another good friend of hers, long-time buddy Nadine Ferguson.

Nadine apparently wanted to join RHOCheshire for its currently-airing fifth season but ITVBe replaced her with another wanna-be, Czech socialite Ester Dohnalova, reports The Sun. After Dawn refused to help her get cast on the show, the two got into a heated — and very public — confrontation in Wilmslow.

“Nadine wanted to be on the telly and thinks Dawn should have put in a good word for her and done more to make that happen,” a source close to RHOCheshire reveals about the bust-up. “They have known each other for years. Nadine feels she’d be a good character on the show. She’s been through a lot. She nearly died in a car crash, was Fergie’s daughter-in-law and was a Wag.” (‘Wag’ typically refers to Wives And Girlfriends of high-profile professional athletes and is used commonly across the pond.)

The two chose to sit down to hash out their issues at the beginning of April but things got out of hand rather quickly, claims the show insider. “When they started talking about it they got really heated,” continues the source. “Dawn wasn’t best pleased that she was putting all the blame on her. Neither of them are shrinking violets, they’re very strong women who are very straight talking!”

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Dawn is known for having issues with almost every Housewife (take Leanne Brown and Magali Gorre, for example) and has been in the papers a lot for her bad behaviour off of the show and the insider seems to confirm that this is just another one of those instances. “Most people wouldn’t get so vocal about it all, but Dawn is just like she is on the TV and doesn’t mince her words,” explains the insider. “At one point it looked like a mobile phone was thrown. Minutes later Dawn stomped off. It was just handbags but if they had been on the football pitch they would have been shown a red card.”

Dawn, however, denies the report. “Nadine is a really good friend,” she tells the outlet. “In fact, she texted me this morning. Unfortunately, people in Cheshire like to gossip and come up with tidbits. I have known Nadine for a long time and we are fine. I don’t really want to go into it.”

Riiight. It makes sense that Dawn would want to deny this report as it’s just a bad look for her but it doesn’t make sense that something like this would hit the papers if it didn’t actually happen. Nadine wants to be famous, so put her in a room with Dawn and she was probably hoping this would cause producers to reconsider.

At this point, however, Dawn should also be asking herself why she falls out with so many people around her.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire airs tonight at 10pm GMT on ITVBe.