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Brielle Biermann Faces Backlash For Defending Donald Trump

Brielle Biermann Faces Backlash For Defending Donald Trump

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Brielle Biermann is facing backlash for using her social media presence to defend Donald Trump.

The Don’t Be Tardy star reportedly took to Twitter just yesterday to share a statement in defense of Trump that she claimed was “not political.”

“This is not political,” she posted. “I don’t care how I/you feel about Trump as a politician but he is a PERSON. ‘Running’ the country. He has feelings like all of us.”

“Do you think someone wants to do the best they can when they’re constantly belittled/bullied for everything they do/say?” she asked.

Immediately, the reality star received backlash for the comments at a time where everyone is deeply concerned about their health and safety and some also pointed out that considering her record, she shouldn’t be speaking on the situation.

“Anywaaaaays it’s a beautiful day in Atlanta,” she later tweeted in an effort to sway the conversation, adding “Can’t stop eating chocolate chip cookies.”

Considering Brielle’s mom is Kim Zolciak, this isn’t all that surprising. We don’t think Brielle has any interest in how the country is run but more than likely knew that posting a tweet like this would get her some notoriety.

With Don’t Be Tardy having been off the air for so long, we’re sure that some added attention is just what the reality star was looking for when she posted the pro-Donald Trump comments.

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