Brandi Maxiell Claims ‘Haters’ Are Preventing Her From Returning to ‘Basketball Wives’ Full-Time

by TV Deets Team 0

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Basketball Wives returned for a dramatic sixth season just this past Monday and the drama is already at an all-time high between the cast. Brandi Maxiell was reportedly fired from BBW after confronting executive producer Shaunie O’Neal last season but while we will see her on the show in a part-time capacity, Brandi claims that “haters” are preventing her from returning full-time.

The tension between Brandi and Shaunie was palpable last season and they ended things poorly at the BBW reunion, with Brandi sticking by her allegations that Shaunie manipulates the cast with her executive producer role. Brandi’s bestie Malaysia Pargo was also reportedly fired, but was brought back to save the show mid-season from a lack of drama.

Brandi wasn’t seen on the BBW premiere so her fans obviously took to social media to find out where she was. While confirming that we will see her on the show “a little bit” — she is featured in the full-length trailer for season 6, after all — Brandi claims that someone is blocking her from returning entirely.

“A little bit…but I have haters trying to block me,” she responded when asked if she would be featured on the new season.

Could Brandi possibly be referring to Shaunie? While Shaunie is an executive producer on the show, she doesn’t have the last say when it comes to casting decisions but we could definitely see her “blocking” Brandi’s return and making it as tough as possible. In the first look at season 6, Brandi shows up to an event fully mic’d and is completely ignored by Shaunie and the rest of the cast, leading us to believe that Ms. O’Neal does have something to do with this mess. Typical.

Basketball Wives airs Mondays on VH1.