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Brandi Glanville Continues ‘RHOBH’ Leaks, Denies Lying About Denise Richards Drama

Brandi Glanville Continues ‘RHOBH’ Leaks, Denies Lying About Denise Richards Drama

Brandi Glanville is returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this upcoming season and a quick look at her social media and it becomes clear that she is very excited to be back.

After concocting a fake storyline to push Lisa Vanderpump off of the show, Brandi has been brought back by RHOBH producers to keep the drama going and if her recent tweets are any indication, they are really getting a bang for their buck.

Last season, Denise Richards chose to stick by the other women as they strategically tried to take down LVP and now, it looks like she may be getting a taste of her own medicine.

According to various reports, Brandi has told the women that she and Denise have been involved sexually and apparently, Denise’s husband Aaron had no idea. All of this drama is being reportedly being captured by cameras for season 10.

Brandi seems to be loving the attention her return has caused and has been continually tweeting about the drama, teasing the upcoming season.

In a tweet posted to her account on February 17, she made it clear that she is not lying about any of the drama with Denise and implied that it will all be shown on the new season of RHOBH.

“I just want to make it VERY CLEAR that IM NOT LYING about any statements I have made recently all will be revealed soon enough,” she posted.

Normally, taking Housewives drama to social media would be a win for any cast member but with Brandi’s history, fans just do not seem to be into it.

“Love you Brandi, but this is too much,” user @NYCLAXLHR tweeted in response. “We all love Housewife drama & Brandi drama, but everything you post lately reeks of desperation. Don’t be that person.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will return later this year.

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