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‘Big Brother Spain’ Under Investigation Over Handling Of Alleged Sexual Assault

Key Points
  • News has broken that a former contestant was allegedly assaulted as cameras rolled back in 2017
  • Carlota Prado was shown footage of the incident by Big Brother Spain producers
  • José María López denies all allegations and the network behind the show has apologized

The details of the case are damaging, to say the least, and it looks like Big Brother Spain has a real problem on their hands.

Big Brother Spain is officially under investigation over the show’s handling of an alleged sexual assault and the details of the case are damaging, to say the least.

Big Brother is one of the world’s most popular reality TV franchises and the local edition in Spain, called Gran Hermano, airs on network El Confidencial and is produced by Endemol, the production company behind the original show.

Scandals are not new to the franchise but this story out of Spain is absolutely horrible. It all started in 2017 when contestant Carlota Prado was called to the show’s Diary Room but what happened after that was nothing close to normal. As cameras rolled, Prado was made to rewatch footage of an alleged sexual assault involving herself and another contestant, according to CNN. She was reportedly unconscious the night before after the contestants were given alcohol by producers — who then did nothing to interrupt as fellow housemate José María López allegedly assaulted her. López was ejected from the house from his behaviour and denies any wrongdoing.

The show’s handling of the situation has sparked outrage and scandal in the country. While the network has apologized, advertisers have reportedly pulled back from the show and the fact that footage of the Diary Room conversation was only released two years after the incident seems to have diverted any attempts to move past the scandal.

Big Brother: Known For Scandals?

According to local reports, the case could be the cause for change when it comes to how reality shows are produced which wouldn’t be a bad thing considering this show in particular has its share of many questionable scenarios over the years. CNN points out that two popular reality shows were cancelled in the Netherlands this year over behavioural concerns: Both The Villa and the country’s version of Temptation Island have been cancelled after scenes aired of their respective shows.

While some of the cases pertaining to the incident remain tied up in courts, a quick search of the show’s Wikipedia page shows that it has aired new seasons in 2017, 2018, and 2019.


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