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‘Big Brother’ Season 22 May Be All-Stars, CBS Quietly Reaching Out To Former Houseguests

‘Big Brother’ Season 22 May Be All-Stars, CBS Quietly Reaching Out To Former Houseguests

CBS is considering casting all-stars for Big Brother Season 22, new reports suggest.

According to Us Weekly, producers are looking to move forward with the show despite the coronavirus pandemic and are considering casting former contestants for the upcoming season.

The gossip outlet points out that the network and casting company have been quietly reaching out to former contestants in the past few weeks to check availability. While some appear interested, the magazine mentions that a few have backed out over concerns about being trapped in a house during COVID-19.

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Julie Chen is expected to return to Big Brother Season 22 as host. (Photo: CBS)

The show will be going through some production changes for the new season continues the article, mentioning that contestants will be requested for much longer than previous seasons prior to entering the Big Brother house and that the season will not start until much later in the summer than fans are used to.

“With Love Island and Big Brother, we still hope to have on the air this summer, it could be a little later than usual but we’re still optimistic about getting those on,” a CBS executive told Deadline last month. “Those shows turn around pretty quickly, Big Brother has live shows every week and Love Island literally airs the night after it shoots, those shows do not have long post processes.”

CBS, for its part, had no comment on the recent reports.

Numerous Big Brother shows are currently in production internationally, with Portugal leading the pack. Back in March, Canadian network Global made the decision to cut the current season of Canada short, however, sending all houseguests home due to the pandemic and cancelling the rest of the season.

The German edition also had to face the coronavirus pandemic, choosing to tell their houseguests about it in an explosive live episode.

Big Brother airs on CBS and is expected to return later this summer.

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