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‘Big Brother’ Is Getting The Video Game Treatment

The game play will reportedly be similar to that of EA's 'The Sims' franchise.

Big Brother is getting the video game treatment with the upcoming release of Big Brother: The Game.

According to Variety, production giant Banijay acquired production company Endemol Shine last year, paving the way for them to partner with 9th Impact on the new video game.

Big Brother: The Game is set to be released October 15 on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and at the game’s official website, big

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CBS / ViacomCBS

Big Brother: The Game will be released on October 15.

“With a life-changing prize fund up for grabs, anyone, anywhere can win the world’s first massively multi-player online reality TV show,” 9th Impact said in a statement, with the trade publication pointing out that the game play will be similar to that of EA’s The Sims franchise.

Players will be able to become virtual houseguests and will participate in competitions and challenges in addition to being asked to make strategic choices in order to stay in the game and not be evicted.

Big Brother is currently airing Season 22 on CBS. Internationally, the show is still a success with India’s version currently dominating the airwaves, and Big Brother Canada, among other local versions, set to return to their respective networks in 2021.

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