Bethenny Frankel Says Ramona Singer’s Attack on Her Past Was ‘Very Catty’

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Bethenny Frankel isn’t pleased with Ramona Singer following this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City.

On this week’s RHONY, the Housewives got together for dinner at the cutest restaurant in Southampton but their behaviour was anything but cute. Ramona took Bethenny to task for the photos and videos that surfaced of her last year starring in a softcore porn and Bethenny clearly isn’t cool with her following the drama.

“Tonight’s episode is very catty and one of these circle jerk series of conversations that makes you want to scream,” she writes in her blog. “The dinner was like The Twilight Zone. I own every inch of my past. I’m elated that my crappy acting career has been upgraded to my being a former porn star. If anyone can monetize that now, it is me.”

“As for the cute and calculated concern, you decide for yourself what the intent was,” she says, referring to Ramona’s reasoning for bringing up the topic in the first place.

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So far this season, a few of the Housewives have pointed out that Bethenny sure can throw allegations at the other women but when confronted herself, she tends to play victim. Not so, she says. “There has been a lot of ‘Bethenny can dish it out but can’t take it’ talk. That episode appeared as me taking it pretty much the entire time,” she explains. “As for [Dorinda Medley’s] comment about my not having cracks, she must have watched a different show for the past decade. My entire life and relationships have been full of cracks.”

While we get what Bethenny was saying, this is a prime example of her playing innocent. She has brought up allegations against all of the women in the past and this topic that Ramona brought up isn’t even that serious. While Ramona also isn’t innocent here, it’s ridiculous for Bethenny to claim that Ramona is so below her for doing so when she has said just as nasty — if not nastier — comments in the past.

As previously reported, Ramona and Bethenny’s feud will carry this season of RHONY — and we’re totally here for it.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays on Bravo and Slice.