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‘Below Deck’ Viewers Upset With Ashton Pienaar After Explosive Fight With Kate Chastain

Bosun Ashton Pienaar and Chief Stew Kate Chastain haven’t gotten along all season.

Ashton Pienaar may have said that part of the reason for returning to Below Deck this season was to make up for last year but if his behaviour this season is any indication, he has a lot of work left to do.

Following last night’s Below Deck, viewers took to social media to share their disappointment in Ashton’s behaviour after he got into a physical confrontation with Kevin Dobson. Ashton has also seemingly had an issue with Kate Chastain all season long and on last night’s episode, he let it all come out.

Thankfully, his behaviour has been deemed out-of-line by most.

“All I have to say after watching tonight’s episode is #FireAshton,” one viewer commented in response to Kate.

Others pointed out that last night isn’t the first episode to feature inappropriate behaviour by the Bosun and seemed to agree with Kate that his behaviour is out of control.

While it’s not likely Bravo will fire Ashton, it’s clear that viewers are upset by his behaviour and if we were him, we would be thinking long and hard about our relationship with alcohol.

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As many have pointed out, Ashton seems to flick a switch when he’s drinking and seeing as he’s in a position of leadership on this boat, he needs to get his behaviour in line. Professionally, there just has to be some consequences for his behaviour but seeing as this is reality TV, we won’t exactly be holding our breath.

Ashton Pienaar got into a heated altercation with Kevin Dobson and Kate Chastain on this week’s Below Deck. (Photo: Bravo)

Kate, for her part, seems to be getting the bulk of support on social media. Her co-star Courtney Skippon even took to Twitter to defend her, pointing out that Ashton and Kevin seemed to be gaslighting Kate all season. But seeing as Bravo viewers are so savvy, the plan seems to have fallen apart at the seams.

Drama like this is only part of the reason why Below Deck is so great for Bravo. In addition to the beautiful locations and aspirational living, viewers love to see the mess between the crew but the show strikes such a great balance that it has you coming back week after week.

Thankfully, we have even more coming with the announcement of a new spinoff set to premiere in 2020. And with the current #BelowDeck still airing for a few more weeks, there is still lots of entertainment to come.

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