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‘Below Deck’ Star Rhylee Gerber Faces Backlash For Sharing Graphic Photos Of Her Skinning A Fox On Instagram

‘Below Deck’ Star Rhylee Gerber Faces Backlash For Sharing Graphic Photos Of Her Skinning A Fox On Instagram

Below Deck franchise star Rhylee Gerber is facing backlash from her followers for sharing graphic photos of her skinning a fox on Instagram.

Just yesterday, Rhylee took to the social media platform to update fans on what she has been doing since Season 7 wrapped and it wasn’t exactly what most were expecting.

“Hello, my name’s Rhylee Gerber and I’m an addict…for the great outdoors!!” she posted, along with a photo of herself wearing a fox hat. She also attached two very graphic photos of her skinning the animal that she ended up wearing on her own head.

“Take it as me bragging, take it as me utilizing my entire kill, take it as me helping to conserve Mother Nature but take it or leave it, this is me and I am stoked on this Alaskan Red Fox turned winter hat gifted to me by my good buddy GB3 from our previous summers shenanigans in The Last Frontier!”

WARNING: The images below are extremely graphic and may be upsetting.

Immediately, Rhylee began to face backlash from her followers, many of which decided to unfollow her page and let her know they were doing so in the process. While there are certainly those who are defending her actions, most seem to be against both her choice to do it in the first place and then to share it with her followers.

“Buh bye and good for you that you are always right, always putting people in their place when they have a comment that isn’t keeping with your views,” posted @preshljc.

“Unfollowing because of this post!” commented another user. “Ugh so wanted to like you,” posted another, using the hashtag #vegetarian.

“That’s so bloody horrendous and unnecessary,” commented user @gabymansfield. “You aren’t living in the cave man days, why do you feel the need to murder an animal?”

Understandably, Rhylee’s post was really upsetting to a lot of her followers, many of which haven’t seen her post content like this before.

Prior to this post, and conveniently while Below Deck was airing, most of her content was related to the show and generally positive. Since the show finished airing, things have since taken a turn.

While it was certainly expected that she would receive backlash from those that don’t consume meat, we’re not sure she expected to piss off so many off her loyal followers from the show.

Her choosing to share the photo just doesn’t mesh with the image that was shown on Bravo’s Below Deck and considering she has the show and network in her Instagram bio, it might be a good idea for them to remind talent about what is appropriate and what isn’t on social media.

Considering the show is in-between seasons, this post and the backlash that has come from it might be enough to jeopardize her spot as a cast member. With Kate Chastain also leaving after 6 seasons, it’s doubtful that Bravo would be nervous to make any additional changes to the lineup.

Below Deck is expected to return later this year. Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays on Bravo.

Rhylee Gerber on Instagram

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