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‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Inside Georgia Grobler And Madison Stalker’s Fractured Friendship

‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Inside Georgia Grobler And Madison Stalker’s Fractured Friendship

During most of the inaugural season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Georgia Grobler and Madison Stalker seemed to be close friends.

On the show’s recent reunion episode, however, it was clear that something has happened between the two since taping the show last year as they bickered back and forth.

Bravo’s The Daily Dish recently spoke to each of them to get their side of the story and in a new web series, their interviews provide an added insight into what exactly happened between the once close co-stars.

“I thought she always had my back throughout the season, and it was definitely hard for me to obviously watch the show and see that she’s kind of only being a friend to me when it was convenient or advantageous for her,” Madison dished when asked about her friendship with Georgia in an episode of The Final Word. (This is basically what Madison tried to explain on the reunion, appearing visibly frustrated as Georgia told her that she was “just trying to be honest” about her feelings about what happened during filming.)

“I still love her to death,” she continued. “I still support her. It’s just that she didn’t have my back in a lot of ways that I thought she would. I don’t know, it’s sad. It make me sad because I love her.”

Georgia Grobler, Madison Stalker, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Bravo, Bravo TV

Georgia Grobler from Below Deck Sailing Yacht. (Photo: Bravo)

While watching the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion, viewers were shocked to see Madison and Georgia getting into it multiple times and the two seemed to leave the taping with a clear issue between them and after watching these interviews, it’s clear to see they are just on different pages. Even Andy Cohen seemed surprised as his inability of repairing the friendship.

Georgia, for her part, explained in the same video series that Madison had an issue with her seeming to defend Chief Stew Jenna MacGillivray on the reunion, which only added to any tension that had developed since the season taped. (Madison and Jenna did not get along during the season, it’s safe to say.)

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The cast of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, from left to right: Adam Glick, Jenna MacGillivray, Paget Berry, Glenn Shephard, Madison Stalker, Georgia Grobler, and Byron Hissey. (Photo: Bravo)

“Everyone knows I don’t want to have fights and drama, and I don’t like people involving me in their arguments,”she said. “I don’t think Madison loved when I went at Adam [Glick], because I think she might have felt it was me defending Jenna.”

She continued, “It really had nothing to do with Jenna; it’s just me telling Adam I found him to be very disrespectful to everyone, especially Jenna. I think Madison might have taken it as me abandoning her team and fighting in Jenna’s camp.”

Madison Stalker, Georgia Grobler, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Bravo, Bravo TV

Madison Stalker from Below Deck Sailing Yacht. (Photo: Bravo)

“I can’t explain myself and say sorry to Madison for not chiming in more with going at Jenna,” revealed Georgia. “Madison and I are really, really close. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to unravel how tight-knit we are. I’m sure she would much rather me be protective and really aggressive about this stuff, but I can’t fight anyone’s fights. I’m kind of tired of everyone being upset at me. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to let people cool off because I can’t keep taking it from everywhere.”

While Georgia seems a little put off by what happened, Madison revealed that she is hopeful they can repair their bond. “I hope so,” she responded when asked that very thing. “That’s all on her. I’ve tried. Multiple times.”

You can view Bravo’s new web series The Final Word on their official website. Below Deck Sailing Yacht is rumoured to be returning for a second season next year.


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